Crisis Communication Training

Reputations are not bought. They’re made.

In business, credibility is everything. Crisis communication is a vital skill for any corporate leader or spokesperson who needs to respond to a negative or unexpected event that threatens the reputation or operations of their organization.

Whether it’s a workplace accident, cyberattack, supply chain issue, or social media backlash, how you communicate during a crisis can make or break your credibility, trust, and loyalty with your stakeholders.

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We’re Your Personal Issues and Crisis Training Coach

Led by Nicole Harris, a veteran network television news anchor and reporter with two decades of media and risk management training expertise, we deliver next-level communications coaching.

Be crisis resilient. Prepare ahead of time, with personalized training.

Our seasoned team of issues and crisis response managers design and deliver highly practical and interactive crisis training programs that introduce participants to proven crisis communication models.

We empower you with a deep understanding of the heightened factors in a risk environment when responding to a crisis. You’ll also benefit from our practical tools and strategies to ensure your company’s reputation is protected. Through our real-life simulations and bespoke media statements you’ll be able to keep the media on side while shaping the narrative around your circumstance.

Solv skills you’ll learn:

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    Steps to take before, during, and after an interview

  • N

    Tactics to get ahead of and own the narrative of your circumstances

  • N

    A reporter’s arsenal, and how to counter it

  • N

    The two “Never Answer” questions from stakeholders

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    Tips to create and deliver crisp, clear key messages

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    The art of bridging, hooking, and flagging

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    Alternatives to “No Comment”

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    Techniques to spot and leverage unprecedented opportunities

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