Reputation Preparedness & Planning

Your reputation is safe in our hands

Whether you are already in a crisis, attempting to prevent a crisis or need to recover from a crisis, we have your back.

Our reputation management experts will craft and implement tailored strategies to promote and fortify your reputation in the media and with your customers and partners.

Here’s how we help protect, repair or rebuild your reputation.

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Risk assessment

Every successful response plan begins with a comprehensive audit and assessment to identify potential challenges. In this early-phase consultation, we gather intelligence and gain insights into existing and potential risks.

Readiness planning

From our risk assessment, we design tailored crisis communication plans that are actionable and can be adapted to a variety of situations.

Our crisis communication plans include:

  • Assessment and triage
  • Notification and escalation protocols
  • Command and control protocols
  • Communication assets
  • Training and testing of the plan

Response management

We encourage our clients to engage us early to address and mitigate a smouldering issue before it erupts into full-blown PR crisis.

If your reputation does take a hit, we respond promptly. Partnering with legal and forensic counsel, we support your team and devise a bespoke strategy to address and manage the event.

Services include:

  • Rapid-response crisis management team
  • Messaging/content development
  • Media relations/social media engagement

Reputation recovery

Recovering from a blow to your reputation requires consistent and strategic communication. Together, we work tirelessly to restore full trust and confidence in your organization and across all stakeholders including employees, customers, media, communities and regulators.

Lean on us in times need, or to build new strengths so you are prepared when an issue of crisis strikes.

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