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by | Nov 29, 2023

If your organization is falling short of performance targets, comms consultancy can help your business focus on and live up to its purpose, mission and values by aligning expectations, actions and behaviors with your business objectives.


Strategic communication consultants bring something no internal resource can — a fresh, neutral perspective. Rather than continuing to grind your wheels on the same problem, consider hiring an experienced and savvy communication consultant for a new perspective. 


Whether addressing a crisis or enhancing internal communication, the way you convey your corporate messages is crucial. Yet, many businesses often overlook early indicators of a downturn or might not address them in the most effective way.


Here are some signs that your organization can benefit from a communications overhaul. We also explain how to solve these issues with comms consultancy. 


Not Getting Business from Target Audience


You’ve built a fantastic product or service, and you’re all set to conquer the market. but then your target audience isn’t responsive. It might not be your product – it could be how you’re communicating its value and benefits to customers.


With comms consultancy, you get a fresh pair of eyes that pinpoints where the message is missing the mark. They’ll work with you to refine your pitch, understand the audience’s psyche, and craft a narrative that resonates. It’s like tuning a guitar; sometimes, you need an expert ear to hit the right note.


Your Industry is Booming (and you need to communicate your brand efficiently)


Being in a high-demand market can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, millions of people are eager to embrace a particular product or service. On the other hand, competition is fierce in the market and you need to rise above competing brands. It’s your sole responsibility to communicate your brand’s ethos, values, and USPs effectively. 


A comms consultant knows how to navigate the bustling marketplace, ensuring your brand’s voice rises above the noise. Through tailored strategies, they help you resonate with your audience and stand out in a booming industry. Remember, it’s not just about being heard; it’s about being remembered.


Increased Media Requests


“Oh look, another media request is in your inbox!” Initially, it’s exciting, almost flattering. But when they start pouring in, it can become overwhelming and intimidating. Handling media requires a finesse that’s different from regular business communication. There’s an art to presenting information in a way that’s newsworthy, engaging, and in line with your brand’s messaging. 


A skilled comms consultant ensures you shine in the media spotlight. They’ll help you craft compelling press releases, prepare for interviews, and ensure consistent messaging. Because when the media calls, you want to be ready, confident, and on point.


Preparing for a TV Appearance


A TV interview or a company showcase has the potential to propel your business or derail it and set you back. Preparing for a TV appearance isn’t just about what you say, but also how you say it. Body language, tone, choice of words, and even the pauses in between can make all the difference. Now, you might be wondering, “How do I ace this?” 


Only with the proper media training, can you truly be prepared for the big day. Comms consultancy is crucial in articulating your points succinctly, managing unexpected questions, and leaving a memorable and positive impression with your audience. After all, it’s your moment in the sun; why not shine the brightest?


Bad Online Reviews


Receiving a bad review about your business can create the feeling of a pit in the middle of your stomach. While it’s tempting to fire back or ignore it, there’s a more strategic way to handle online criticism. 


When it comes to handling a negative review, it’s all in how you respond. An experienced comms consultant with online reputation management experience can help you craft responses that are empathetic, solution-oriented, and reflective of your brand’s commitment to excellence. 


They can offer strategies to proactively gather positive feedback and manage your online reputation. Because in the digital age, it’s not just about having a solid product, it’s also about your customers’ perception of your brand that matters.


Low Employee Morale & Engagement


Imagine walking into an office where the once-chirpy water cooler chat has turned into silent nods, and motivation is focused on the next coffee break. Low morale and lack of engagement can silently cripple a company’s productivity. Internal communications can act as a means to break down barriers and get to the root of the problem.


You need to have a solid corporate internal communications strategy. It’s important to  create a safe space where employees can voice their feelings. By facilitating open dialogues, celebrating small wins, and making every employee feel heard, you can engage employees in meaningful ways while paving a  path to prosperity.


High Turnover


Do you notice a new face in the office every other month, and your HR is spending more time on exit interviews than onboarding? That’s a sure sign that you’re in need of immediate help. High turnover isn’t just about the cost of replacing skilled employees; it’s about the lingering question: “Why are people leaving?” 


Studies show that 70% of workers identify that career growth and progression are the most important factors in job satisfaction. Knowing this and communicating it properly during the onboarding process can help your company retain top talent. 


Furthermore, if an employee resonates with a company’s brand image, they are more likely to remain with that company. If you have the right communication strategy in place, you’re more likely to retain employees while communicating your brand messaging effectively.


Potential Conflicts of Interest 


Picture a non-profit with the noblest of causes, but whispers start circulating about vested interests. Even if untrue, such perceptions can tarnish reputations overnight. Now, this is where comms consultancy is helpful. They can craft transparent, authentic narratives that leave no room for ambiguity. By strategically communicating the non-profit’s actions, and decision-making processes, they ensure that stakeholders have unwavering trust in the organization’s integrity.


Bad Quarterly Financials 


Whether it’s due to a global pandemic or a supply chain issue, revenue can decline. If you think poor financial performance is of interest only to shareholders and board of directors, other stakeholders have concerns too. Employees might see this as a warning of potential job cuts and banks might think of your company as a credit risk. 


communicating strategically in uncertain times can ease concerns while positioning you as a leader who is in charge of the situation. Address the problem and explain what the company is doing to address the issue. to fix it. Focus on the big picture and the long-term success of the company.


Bad Media Coverage


We’ve all been there, scrolling through our news feed, and suddenly a headline pops up that makes your heart pound. It’s about your company—and it’s not good. Bad media coverage can be painful to see and hear, especially when your company’s reputation is on the line.


First, analyze and understand the nature of the media coverage. Some comms consultants are experts in crisis management. They can accurately identify the nature of the bad media coverage and build an appropriate response strategy. Identifying the magnitude of the crisis will improve the quality of your response to the matter. This is crucial. you need to respond appropriately and not downplay the situation or give too much information.


You Have Investors to Communicate to


Communication skills are essential when you’re a founder. You have to get investors on board with your idea and convince them that you’re the right person for the job. Investors aren’t just focusing on financial data; they’re looking to you for clarity around your vision, goals and objectives. 


A comms consultant knows these situations well. They can help you craft presentations that provide insights on investor sentiments, and train you to answer tough questions with poise. Because when you’re in that room, it’s not just about convincing; it’s about connecting and persuading.


A comms consultant will show you how to tell a compelling story about your vision so that everyone in the room is pointed in the same direction as you. A great story builds investor confidence that there is indeed a problem, and you’re the right team to tackle it.


There was a Workplace Accident


Every company may at some point deal with an unexpected event that may have a direct impact on its brand image and reputation. If left unaddressed, this kind of situation can quickly spiral out of control. 


Here’s where comms consultancy comes to the rescue. An experienced crisis manager can help draft statements that clearly communicate what happened and how you are addressing the incident responsibly. 


You’ll also need to implement a communication plan for one of the organization’s most important audiences — your employees. They will make assumptions, and they may even get worried about the negative effects the crisis may have on their jobs. They’ll come to you with lots of questions and you’ll have to be able to answer their questions right away.


It’s times like these when the right words can make all the difference to surviving a crisis with your reputation intact.


Harassment Accusations


It’s a sobering moment when allegations of harassment surface within a company. In these situations, the way a company responds can shape its reputation for years to come. Taking swift, decisive, and empathetic action is crucial. What you get with comms consultancy is insight into how to address the situation with empathy while crafting appropriate communications to your internal and external stakeholders.


Your responses must reflect the company’s commitment to a safe work environment and zero tolerance for misconduct. Communications experts will also offer guidance on internal communication strategies to reassure employees and maintain morale. In such sensitive situations, having an expert by your side can ensure that the company’s response is both compassionate and comprehensive.


There has Been a Data / Security Breach


A cyberattack not only impacts a company’s computer systems, it also provokes a crisis situation, which threatens reputation, financial stock, and business continuity. In the event of a crisis due to a cyber incident, confidence of internal and external stakeholders and public perception of the company are at stake.


In this situation, comms consultancy can pay huge dividends for your company. A crisis communication consultant will help you clearly communicate how the breach affects those impacted and how deeply you care and are taking the situation seriously.


A Whistleblower


Whistleblowing can send ripples (or tsunamis) throughout a company. While it’s crucial to address the root of the allegations, it’s equally vital to communicate effectively about the issue at hand. A comms consultant can be invaluable here. They’ll assist in crafting a message that acknowledges the situation, outlines the steps being taken, and ensures that the company’s values are front and center. Remember, in the age of instant news, being proactive and sincere in your response can mean the difference between crisis and recovery.

Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris is the Founder and CEO of Solv Communications, a leading Reputation Management and PR agency in the Prairies. As a former network television news anchor and reporter, Nicole has gained deep insight into the power of earning trust through strategic communication. Over her 15-year career in the media she has covered some of the most high- profile risk management stories including cyber breaches at Fortune 500 companies, product recalls, workplace violence and everything in between. Nicole and her team’s extensive industry knowledge and strategic guidance will help you focus on what is in your control to mitigate risk and minimize damage to your reputation. It’s all about prioritizing strategic planning to spot an issue, effectively manage it, and develop action plans to safely steer you through any situation before it damages your reputation. Nicole has developed and delivered bespoke reputation management, strategic, and media training for senior executives, board members, politicians, and celebrities.

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