Lori Wheeler
Lori Wheeler

Business Development Strategist

Lori Wheeler is an effective leader, communicator and marketing strategist with over 20 years experience in public relations and communications.

Her greatest strength is her ability to create authentic, positive relationships with stakeholders, members, and prospects – which she has a knack for turning into long-standing clients.

Lori started her career in a small advertising agency, where she became co-owner and strategic account manager for a wide range of clients. She later developed and launched a public relations division for an advertising agency based in Victoria and assisted clients with strategic communications, event planning and integrated marketing campaigns.

She contributed significantly to Calgary Stampede – engaging media, sponsors and guests in exceptional and memorable experiential campaigns. When she moved back to Manitoba, she doubled membership and sponsorship for the province’s largest tech association.

Lori has been awarded for her volunteer efforts championing gender equality and for her community-mindedness. She takes pride in finding effective, creative solutions to challenging problems. She is a proven revenue generator through membership growth, sponsorship, successful funding applications and partnerships.

Lori is a constantly curious entrepreneur, a lover of dogs, a painter of cows and an explorer.

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