Lori Wheeler
Elvis Goren

SEO Specialist

Elvis is an experienced SEO specialist in identifying strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website, obtain a high-ranking placement in the results page of search engines and generate more leads for business growth and profit.

His innovative SEO strategies have propelled companies across North America, Europe and China outrank, outgrow and outsell their competition.

As a previous VP of Growth for a Canadian startup, Elvis turned a company with zero exposure into an industry leader in the wearable health tech space. In twenty-four months, the company’s website went from zero views to over two million impressions, 15,000 unique monthly views and record company profits. This resulted in the company being featured in TV appearances across North America, UK, and on CNET, CBC, CTV, and Wired.

Elvis is a strong collaborator with clients across diverse sectors including technology, eCommerce, insurance, finance and beyond.

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