Case Study

Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat Ecolabel Program

Helping Canadians choose sustainable products.

In 2021, Cereals Canada – in partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada and Prairie winter wheat grower groups – created the Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat Ecolabel Program with the goal to help Canadians to make more informed and sustainable purchase decisions. Cereals Canada engaged Solv Communications to generate national media exposure and launch its new program.

In This Video

Ellen Pruden – Director of Communications – Cereals Canada
Karli Reimer – National Communications & Marketing Specialist – Ducks Unlimited Canada

The Challenge

Backed by extensive research, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) discovered that pintail duck populations were declining due to habitat loss. They learned that pintail ducks choose cropland and stubble to raise their young.

As a conservation organization, DUC explored how farming and wildlife could co-exist successfully. They determined that winter wheat would be a good crop option for farmers, and benefit upland nesting birds.

To encourage the use of winter wheat, the Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat Ecolabel Program was created. Solv Communications partnered with Cereals Canada to enhance relationships with potential Ecolabel partners and increase the overall awareness of the program.

The Solution

Our reputation for delivering results to organizations in the agricultural sector was a driving factor in Cereals Canada reaching out to the team at Solv Communications.

A national media awareness campaign was promptly launched, and a media event was organized to promote the Ecolabel program to consumers, farmers, and processors.

Results & Impact

Leveraging our solid rapport across multiple platforms, we personally pitched the Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat Ecolabel’s message to prominent media outlets in print, television, radio, and online/blogging circles. Our vast network of contacts at the regional and national level, allowed our experts to reach maximum exposure and visibility within the target audiences.

Within 2 weeks, our expertise in publicizing agricultural media events and campaigns proved to be highly instrumental with over 60 media hits generated throughout the Prairies and beyond.

Media Highlights

The Western Producer

Winter wheat initiative will put a new label on an old product

CTV News

‘It really is a win-win’: New Ecolabel launched promoting winter wheat growers

Beam Suntory and their Northern Keep Vodka were mentioned in story and their vodka profiled in online piece filed by CTV Calgary. Also interviewed were Gary Stanford and Daniel Ramage.

CTV News

Cereals Canada promoting ‘ecofriendly’ winter wheat with new logo

Beam Suntory and Les Moulins de Soulanges, were mentioned in the CTV Regina story as the first two companies that have signed onto the ecolabel program. Also interviewed were Wade Gray and Daniel Ramage.

Manitoba Cooperator

Getting their ducks in a row — of winter wheat

Interviews with Daniel Ramage, Doug Martin and Karli Reimer.

Global News Calgary

Ecolabel program highlights benefits of winter wheat across Canada

Les Moulins de Soulanges, a specialty flour mill in Quebec, and Beam Suntory from Alberta were highlighted in Global Calgary’s story. Interviewed were Gary Stanford, Karli Reimer, and Daniel Ramage.

Going Above and Beyond

Since the status quo isn’t good enough for us, we pitched in to help onboard new Ecolabel partners by reaching out to top influencers in the milling and baking industries across the country. Meetings with potential partners were arranged and hosted by the Solv Communications team to ensure the further success of the Ecolabel program for Cereals Canada and Ducks Unlimited.